Generic salutations and misinformed misanthropy


Not sure about all this. Too many buttons. I tend to be rather sceptical and… hang on. Yes, ‘sceptical’ is spelt with a ‘C’ not a ‘K’ American spellcheck. You’ve already raped ‘colour’ and ‘honour’. Just stop it. This isn’t Pearl Harbour, and yes, there’s definitely a ‘U’ in there.

Where was I… Technology. It’s made the smart dumber and the dumb famous. I fear anything that gives credence to idiocy, unless Harry Hill’s doing the voiceover. I prefer my abacus to my calculator. Sure, I can’t spell ‘80085’ on an abacus but I can batter an infidel a hell of a lot harder with one than an HP 12c Financial Calculator:


I’m not against progress. Without progress we wouldn’t have the knife and fork, and I would still be trying to eat salad with chopsticks. I’m kidding. I don’t eat salad.

I’m a man. I eat animals. I have a penis, so what of it? Don’t hate me because I’m a man and I eat animals and I have a penis.

The world’s a big place. There are lots of little nooks and crannies to hide in.

I may never be found.

Perhaps I’m not lost.



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