That could be god – sorry – God.
Hate him – sorry – Him… Fuck… Shit, swearing at god – God…
Where was I?..
Hate god – God – Not that I hate god – God – it’s all So confuse… Aghhh, used it too early and now I’m all confused and and and and and and and and I would hate for god God GOd GOD to know I tried to identify him – Him without a capital letter.

God had a big vagina.
God splat the world out that gash.
God queefed clouds and plants and Rich Tea biscuits out that opening.
God spurted dinghies and pamphlets and Patrick Keilty out of that aching, crinkled, puss filled pooner.

Nice one Mate.



8 responses to “GoD/JeSuS/CrEaToR

  1. Gilbert Muckdog

    You have been sent by the Gods to rid this world of sin, with words that make me weap out of my sodden manspout.

  2. Gilbert Muckdog

    Lesbian Pilchard

  3. Gilbert Muckdog

    Grabbalocker eggbert, sliming down the mingmong alley

  4. You Sir, are a puzzle, wrapped in a conundrum, tied with a bow of bemusement.

    Well played.

  5. Gilbert Muckdog

    siamese riddlebuck, flapping round the diddlebury krunt

  6. There’s some words made right out of letters. And toenails. Right there

  7. not a burst of laughter but quit refreshing .good job 🙂

  8. I am quit humbled by your comment. Quit, quit humbled.

    Have an ‘E’. E’s Are Good. The Shamen said so.

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