20 Facts and Lesser Facts

  1. Eye am a writer.
  2. I am an optimist trapped in a pessimistic vessel.
  3. I enjoy days when it rains hard and I’ve nothing better to do than stay indoors.
  4. I do things to make other people happy but they just don’t know it yet.
  5. I look for answers where they’ve already been found.
  6. I laugh at things I shouldn’t.
  7. I see darkness in the brightest corners.
  8. I have things I can’t forget and things I can’t remember.
  9. I once interviewed a prostitute who provides sexual assistance to severely disabled men.
  10. I am glad the world is not the way the Daily Mail wishes us to believe.
  11. I am an unrealistic obnoxious dreamer.
  12. I am polite and friendly.
  13. I remember the people who forget me.
  14. I can’t touch foam.
  15. I dance every 3 to 4 years.
  16. I am taking my time to find my feet.
  17. I would like to meet David Bowie.
  18. I am coming to terms with life being one big contest.
  19. I am not sure if I want to win.
  20. I occasionally use ‘eye’ in place of ‘I’ as it’s all how I see things at the end of the day.

One response to “20 Facts and Lesser Facts

  1. ~lovely stranger~

    you are awesome. just thought i’d tell you. no one else seems to be… what a lonely blog.

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